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Creating Calm in the Chaos of Parenthood

Personalised sessions and resources to help you navigate the complexities of parenting.


About me

Hi, I'm Camille, Certified Child and Adult Advisor (NHS)

Being a parent is the most difficult job in this life. I know it because I am a mum myself.  I have been certified by NHS to run parenting courses and workshops focused on family well-being and mindfulness. I've also taken additional courses such as "The Science of Wellbeing" at Yale University, "Reducing Parental Conflicts" with Knowledge Pool, "Zero Suicide' at the Zero Suicide Alliance" and "Pursuit of Purpose" taught by Jay Shetty. 



The Parent Equation Podcast


Juno Magazine


Bonnie Harris Connective Parenting Podcast

What will you get from our sessions

Through my coaching, you will find harmony within yourself and your family.

Building your self-confidence

Managing better your emotions

Improving your communication skills

Strengthening connections 

Using positive parenting strategies

Let's have a chat

I offer a free 20-minute session, where I understand your specific needs, explain in more detail the structure of the sessions and what would you get out of them. 

The sessions are available in English, Spanish and French. 

What Other Parents Say

"I just wanted to say a really massive thanks for the lovely course and all of your support over the past 9 weeks. I cannot believe how quickly time went but also how much Andres and I have grown and changed in that time.I will forever cherish the memories from our course. It was my very first mum and baby activity and I am so glad I signed up" - Carla

"You are kind and helpful, always ready to support us, whether it's during the session or on WhatsApp. You are funny with a wicked sense of humour. It's been a pleasure getting to know you" - Isabelle

"Ava was having a tantrum yesterday as we were getting ready to leave her grandparents' house. While she was thrashing around on the floor of the bathroom refusing to go to the toilet, I had a flash of inspiration from our session and realized what was up. I said "You're feeling sad that we're leaving Grandma & Grandpa aren't you? Are you going to miss them?" - she stopped shouting, nodded, and shortly after this she was ready for a hug and to carry on getting ready to leave."- Craig

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