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About me

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Camille Le Boulba

NHS Certified Child & Adult Advisor



Being a parent is the most difficult job in this life. I know it because I am a mum myself and I had to face many struggles and challenges since I was pregnant with my daughter. She was a "high-demand" baby and a very spirited toddler. That's why I started to educate myself about parenting, children's and adult psychology as well as all the concepts around well-being and mindfulness. I started my training when my daughter was 2 and a half with NHS and it changed our daily life. I never had to deal with a tantrum since then or her not listening to me and following my instructions. I implemented everything I had learned at home and it just became part of our routine.


Obviously, she is growing and tries to push the boundaries at times but it's easy for me to manage it using the techniques I have at hand. I'm very passionate about my job because I have worked with many families from different backgrounds and I've witnessed the impact I have had on their family life. It has become my purpose to help others find their balance inside and out. 

That's why, after working for seven years as a Child and Adult advisor for NHS running parenting courses and workshops in London, I've decided to launch my own little company alongside my current job to reach more parents and guide them to achieve healthy and balanced family relationships. I've been facilitating the "Being A Parent", "Baby&Us", "Enjoying Family Life" courses (this last course is set for people experiencing strong emotions and having mental health issues) and Perinatal (which is also a specific course for mums who go through postnatal depression or baby blues). I've also been working as a mediator on the "Parent Positive" app supporting and helping families in overcoming the particular challenges they were facing.


I am certified by the NHS to run parenting courses and workshops focused on well-being and mindfulness. Plus, I am a certified Life Coach by CPD (Continuing Professional Development). I've also taken additional courses such as "The Science of Wellbeing" and "The Science of Wellbeing for Teens" at Yale University, "Reducing Parental Conflicts" with Knowledge Pool, "Zero Suicide' at the Zero Suicide Alliance" and "Pursuit of Purpose" taught by Jay Shetty. Finally, I am DBS checked and I have to take my safeguarding training every few years.

We all need help one way or another, and I'm here now offering you my help from one parent to another. 

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