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My Approach

In the introductory session, we'll have a discussion to identify the area you want to work on. Starting from there I will propose to you a plan that we will follow. Your Family Wellbeing plan will be tailored depending on your personal needs.

After each session, you'll have some exercises for you to implement the concepts at home. My role is not to tell you what to do, only to share with you parenting techniques that are proven to be effective.


We will work together as a team to start the change in your life. With my guidance, you will be equipped to educate your kids in a positive way, and have a respectful relationship based on trust and kindness.


In the sessions, we'll work on:

Essential concepts and strategies

I will provide you with proven strategies and concepts that will allow you to live in harmony with your family.

Managing feelings

I will give you practical techniques on how  to manage your emotions, reactions and conflicts.


I will guide through the key steps to gain self-confidence and feel empowered to take the right decisions when parenting. 

Connecting with others

I will help you create meaningful connections not only with your kids, but also with your partner.

Positive parenting

All children need boundaries and discipline, and I will help you find what works for you and your child, as every child is different.

Efficient communiciation

We will practice with excersises and role playing how to communicate better and effectively.

Are you ready to start the change?

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